Certified Waterproofing Contractors in Massachusetts

Pioneer Basement in Westport, Massachusetts Pioneer Basement in Westport, MA
Pioneer Basement has been providing quality basement waterproofing in Boston and surrounding Massachusetts as well as entire state of Rhode Island since 1984.

Rescon Basement Solutions in  Londonderry , Massachusetts Rescon Basement Solutions in Londonderry , NH
Rescon Basement Solutions is Grate Products Certified Company providing basement waterproofing in Manchester, Southern New Hampshire; Northeast Massachusetts.

Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Services in Massachusetts

All above contractors in MA have been trained and certified by Grate Products and have access to our patented products to get the job done right. Your family health is our top priority and our products are designed to address all health concerns relating to basement and crawl space environment.

Causes of Wet Basement

  1. With seasonal climate changes, humidity can be quite extreme at times. Stormy seasons with substantial rainfall and year round precipitation can also cause flooding issues.
  2. If flooding occurs, the basement will suffer the brunt of any water damage.
  3. If you let water damage in the basement go ignored and allow it to remain wet, moist, moldy, humid or smell of foul odors, the basement air, along with the odor, humidity and possibly even feces, will rise and spread throughout the rest of the house, creating an unhealthy environment for you, your family and guests.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions and Crawl Space Repair

If you are in need of dry basement solutions, or your home needs basement waterproofing, we can help. Our certified Grate Products dealers will quickly and efficiently evaluate the issues and provide a comprehensive solution that will help keep your home healthy and comfortable for many years! Our Grate Products GrateDrain drainage system, along with our sump pumps, will keep your basement dry at all times! We also have efficient dehumidifiers, battery back up sump pumps and other industry leading basement waterproofing solutions to extend the life of your basement and get the most out of your home!

Services Offered:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Moisture Control and Repair
  • Leaking Crack Repairs
  • Patented Products
  • Industry Best Sump Pumps
  • Energy-Efficient Dehumidification

Our Solutions:

  • Permanent Dry Basement and Crawl Space
  • Humidity Control
  • Mold Remediation
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Increases the Value of your Home
  • Peace of Mind
Customer Reviews for our contractors in Massachusetts
Sully C. from Saugus, MA
5 Stars
Oct 3rd, 2017
I am very satisfied ...
Doyle from Plymouth, MA
5 Stars
Oct 3rd, 2017
Rosanne R from West Roxbury, MA
5 Stars
Jul 24th, 2017
Other than a bit of green stuff splashing on a box and a few small chunks of concrete left behind, the entire process from start to finish was nothing but first rate.
S. Freeman-Aronofsky from Assonet, MA
5 Stars
Jul 24th, 2017
The crew was fast and efficient. Clean-up was amazing - except for the fact the drains were in place you would never know they were here! We have had torrential rains since the work was done and not a drop of water is in the cellar.
Michelle D from Brockton, MA
5 Stars
Jul 24th, 2017
I am so far totally satisfied with this company. I am yet to see how good the system works when we get lots of rain. I am pretty confident it will so I hope all goes well in the future.
Jobs completed by our contractors in Massachusetts
Mike S from Plymouth, MA
October 30, 2017
We provided him with a level 1 Healthy Basement Certificate. This consisted of a primary 1/3hp pump and a partial GrateDrain system with ThermalShield vapor barrier along the one wall he was having leaks on. We went with this method because there was multiple cracks on the same wall and its better to treat them with a drain and vapor barrier then to seal each individual crack up. This job is covered by a life of house warranty along the areas where we installed the drains.
Laura L from Waltham, MA
August 10, 2017
We installed a GrateSump pump system with a 1/3hp FastSump pump inside. We also installed GrateDrain leading from where the old floor drain was and attached it to the GrateSump system. We then installed a GrateTrench floor drain. This system will allow water to flow down into the floor but not allow anything to come back up. If the water backs up in the underground drain it will flow through our GrateDrain and into the GrateSump system. Now the drain will function like it has been but if there is a backup of water then the pump system will take over automatically.
Paul S from Somerville, MA
August 2, 2017
We provided the customer with a Level 4 Healthy Basement Certificate. This consisted of a full perimeter GrateDrain system with ThermalShield vapor barrier on the walls. We also installed a FastSump combo double pump/battery backup system. This installation comes with a Nationally Backed Life of House Warranty!
Hal S from Yarmouth Port, MA
July 27, 2017
We provided the customer with a Level 1 Healthy Basement Certificate. This consisted of a partial GrateDrain drainage system and ThermalShield vapor barrier. It also included a dual GrateSump liner with a single FastSump 1/3hp pump. We also extended her downspouts away from the house.
Jen W from Fall River, MA
July 24, 2017
We provided him with a Level 4 Healthy basement Certificate. This consisted of a Full Perimeter GrateDrain system with Thermal Shield Vapor Barrier on the walls. We also installed a Fast Sump Combo dual pump system with a battery backup pump.

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