Certified Waterproofing Contractors in Massachusetts

Pioneer Basement in Westport, Massachusetts Pioneer Basement in Westport, MA
Pioneer Basement has been providing quality basement waterproofing in Boston and surrounding Massachusetts as well as entire state of Rhode Island since 1984.

Rescon Basement Solutions in  Londonderry , Massachusetts Rescon Basement Solutions in Londonderry , NH
Rescon Basement Solutions is Grate Products Certified Company providing basement waterproofing in Manchester, Southern New Hampshire; Northeast Massachusetts.

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Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Services in Massachusetts

All above contractors in MA have been trained and certified by Grate Products and have access to our patented products to get the job done right. Your family health is our top priority and our products are designed to address all health concerns relating to basement and crawl space environment.

Causes of Wet Basement

  1. With seasonal climate changes, humidity can be quite extreme at times. Stormy seasons with substantial rainfall and year round precipitation can also cause flooding issues.
  2. If flooding occurs, the basement will suffer the brunt of any water damage.
  3. If you let water damage in the basement go ignored and allow it to remain wet, moist, moldy, humid or smell of foul odors, the basement air, along with the odor, humidity and possibly even feces, will rise and spread throughout the rest of the house, creating an unhealthy environment for you, your family and guests.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions and Crawl Space Repair

If you are in need of dry basement solutions, or your home needs basement waterproofing, we can help. Our certified Grate Products dealers will quickly and efficiently evaluate the issues and provide a comprehensive solution that will help keep your home healthy and comfortable for many years! Our Grate Products GrateDrain drainage system, along with our sump pumps, will keep your basement dry at all times! We also have efficient dehumidifiers, battery back up sump pumps and other industry leading basement waterproofing solutions to extend the life of your basement and get the most out of your home!

Services Offered:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Moisture Control and Repair
  • Leaking Crack Repairs
  • Patented Products
  • Industry Best Sump Pumps
  • Energy-Efficient Dehumidification

Our Solutions:

  • Permanent Dry Basement and Crawl Space
  • Humidity Control
  • Mold Remediation
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Increases the Value of your Home
  • Peace of Mind
Customer Reviews for our contractors in Massachusetts
Ilda P from Westport, MA
5 Stars
Jun 4th, 2018
Alex A from Rochester, MA
5 Stars
Jun 4th, 2018
Excellent quality sump pump system.
Joe Nicoletti from Westport, MA
5 Stars
May 25th, 2018
Good Experience. Installers worked very hard and Tim got the job done quickly!
Dave M from East Sandwich, MA
5 Stars
Feb 8th, 2018
Great job and great to work with....also have a great review on Angie ‘s list
Joan G from West Yarmouth, MA
5 Stars
Dec 27th, 2017
A neighbor referred me to Pioneer Basement. He highly recommended the company to me as the company eliminated his water issues in the basement.
I contacted the company and a representative came to my house and explained everything that needed to be done to eliminate my water issues.
The crew that did the work were professional and efficient.
I highly recommend this company.
Jobs completed by our contractors in Massachusetts
Bob M from Mashpee, MA
June 4, 2018
We provided him with a level 3 Healthy Basement Certificate. This consisted of a full perimeter GrateDrain system with a small strip of vapor barrier at the base of the wall. We also installed a FastSump combo dual 1/3hp pump system and a battery backup.
Mike D from Falmouth, MA
June 1, 2018
We installed a custom level 1 Healthy Basement Certificate. This consisted of a full perimeter GrateDrain drainage system with a small strip of vapor barrier at the base of the wall. We also installed two high output 1/2hp pumps and split the discharges in two directions to maximize water flow. In front of the doorway we installed a surface drain to catch any water that might come through the door during a heavy rain storm.
Kathryn A from Chatham, MA
May 31, 2018
We encapsulated the crawlspace with CrawlShield and DimpleShield liners. We also installed a WiseAire 55 dehumidifier to help keep the humidity in the crawlspace below 50%.
Philip C from Dartmouth, MA
May 26, 2018
We installed a Level 1 Healthy Basement Certificate. This consisted of a partial GrateDrain Drainage system with ThermalShield vapor barrier on the walls. We also removed the wooden bulkhead steps and installed a drain and vapor barrier in the bulkhead area. The entire drain is connected to two GrateSump liners with a single 1/3hp FastSump Pump and a High Water Alarm. The discharge for the pump goes up and out to a IceCop freeze protection device and is buried underground 30 feet from the house.
Brandon E from South Brookline, MA
May 21, 2018
We installed a level 1 Healthy Basement Certificate. This consisted of a partial GrateDrain system with ThermalShield wall vapor barrier and a single 1/3hp primary Fast Sump Pump.

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