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GRILL SAFETY: Things you need to knowGRILL SAFETY: Things you need to know

Protect Against Lyme DiseaseProtect Against Lyme Disease
The ticks that transmit Lyme disease, a debilitating flu-like illness caused by Borrelia bacteria, are spreading rapidly across the United States.

Natural PesticidesNatural Pesticides
Natural Pesticides Before you reach for a can of insecticide, remember that some insects are beneficial. Chemical sprays are not the only way to keep bugs from harming vegetables or killing flowering plants.

Make sure your sump pump system works when you really need it!Make sure your sump pump system works when you really need it!
One of the most important appliances in your basement or crawl space is a Sump Pump. Rainstorms and unpredicted flash floods can cause basements and crawl spaces to flood.

Maintain the Proper Humidity Levels in Your HomeMaintain the Proper Humidity Levels in Your Home
We are now in the season of high humidity. Moisture control is an important part of our solution towards creating a healthy basement / crawl space.

Test And Maintain Your Smoke Detectors Today!Test And Maintain Your Smoke Detectors Today!
Daylight saving time is a good time to replace batteries in smoke detectors. The National Fire Protection Association recommends placing smoke detectors in every occupied bedroom as well as on every floor in a house.

Hire the Right ContractorHire the Right Contractor
Hiring a contractor can be stressful, especially if you’re planning a major renovation or repair. For most homeowners, the hardest part of any home project is finding a competent and reliable contractor to do the job.

Nature's PharmacyNature's Pharmacy
Natural Flu Remedies: Fight and protect against colds and the Flu this season.

Avoid unnecessary travel and help keep roads clear for snow removal crews and first responders. Even if you don’t live where it snows, you may travel somewhere that does. One of the biggest risks is loss of power, heat, and communication services.

2019 New years Goals2019 New years Goals
It's a new year and a hopeful time for New Year's resolutions! Improve your life, your family’s life, and accomplish those big projects!

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