New Year's Goal Setting Tips

It's a new year and a hopeful time for New Year's resolutions! More than half of all resolutions fail! By following these simple steps, you can drastically improve your chances for SUCCESS! Here’s how to identify the right resolution to improve your life, your family’s life, and accomplish those big projects! Create a plan on how to reach your goals and become part of the small group of people that successfully achieve them.

1. Pick the Right Resolution

You’ll give yourself your best chance for success if you set a goal that’s attainable and meaningful. Make a plan for accomplishing your goals. Write goals down and review them periodically. Resolutions that aren’t written down are destined to fail quickly. Keep your list of New Year’s goals in a place where you will see them regularly, so you can review your progress and recommit on a consistent basis.

2. Keep It Simple

Make sure that any resolutions you set are ones you can accomplish in twelve months. Visualize your wins and dream big but keep your goals simple. A big goal is easier to tackle when divided into smaller goals. If a resolution seems daunting, convert it into a series of smaller goals that are simpler. Tackle one goal at a time. When faced with a number of pending goals, knock off the low-hanging fruits (goals that are simpler to complete) The confidence gained will motivate you to complete your other goals.


I will pay $200 a month towards my smallest debt.

I will stop my nighttime snacks.

I will update my resume and then begin to look for available jobs.

3. Reward Yourself

Track and celebrate; It is important to celebrate your progress on the path to successfully completing your goals. Maintaining long-term focus on your goals is easier when you reward yourself along the way. It helps you stay motivated and enjoy the process of achieving your goals.

4. Accountability

Engage others; A common reason that causes us to give up on goals is the lack of accountability. Have someone that holds your accountable.

5. Review & Refocus

Make goals that are measurable. To keep your New Year’s resolutions, you need to be able to see that you’re on the right track. Create a system to review and update your goals. Review your goals regularly to make sure you are on track. Create a system where you review your progress periodically. (once a week or once a month) Your situation may change and you may need to adjust your resolutions. Deleting irrelevant goals will help you refocus your energy on the ones still pending.

Set SMART Goals:

Your goals need to satisfy the conditions of the acronym S.M.A.R.T.

  • SpecificYour resolution should be absolutely clear. Avoid making them vague. If losing weight is a resolution, specify how much weight you would like to lose.
  • Measurable – Identify exactly what changes you will see when you reach your goal. Entering progress into a journal or making notes on your phone or in an app designed to help you track behaviors can reinforce the progress, no matter what your resolution may be.
  • Attainable – Write goals that are attainable. An unrealistic resolution is not a goal but a wish. Change your goal to something you can accomplish.
  • Relevant – Make resolutions that are relevant to you. Ask; Does the goal really matter to you, and are you making it for the right reasons? Does the goal fit with the overall plan?
  • Time-Bound – Link your goals to a time frame. (the timeline toward reaching your goal should be realistic) Having a deadline creates a sense of urgency that inspires action. Set dates on your goals. Break into smaller goals lasting 5 weeks or 100 days.


  • STOP — We all have habits that are holding us back from being the best version of ourselves. Stop a habit in 2019.
  • START — It is likely that we also have something that we have talked a lot about doing but never transitioned to action. 2019 is the year to start something we have always wanted to do but never quite made it past the starting line.
  • CONTINUE — We have all likely been doing something that has been contributing to our success. So keep it up and continue to reap the rewards.

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