Protecting Against A Flooded Basement
Healthy Basement Certificate Program- Third Step

Improve The Health Of Your Home
Avoiding the dreaded cleanup (shop vac) and reducing the damage a wet basement can cause are all good reasons why you would want it fixed before the next rain storm, but we now know that there is more to it than that. We know the health upstairs in the home will be much better with a healthy environment below. Moisture, dampness, and leaks can create an unhealthy environment and through a natural occurrence of stack-effect, air is constantly rising from the basement into the upper levels of the home. This "bad air" can introduce a wide range of toxins and soil gases into the home's living space. Improve the health of your home for yourself and your family through the Healthy Basement Crawlspace Certificate process.
What is a Healthy Basement CrawlSpace Certificate?

A Healthy Basement CrawlSpace Certificate provides homeowners with the reassurance that their basement and or crawl space meets the necessary requirements that promotes a healthy indoor living environment. Air pollutants,
excessive moisture, and water entering the basement or crawl space can produce dangerous living conditions, which may lead to serious health risks. A Healthy Basement CrawlSpace Certificate is verification that your basement and or crawl space has met all of the qualifications for each level of the HBC process.

Why I should have a Healthy Basement Crawl Space Certificate?
We have seen all the heartaches of homeowners suffering from wet, damp, and flooded basements and crawl spaces. Throughout the years there has been no "true standard" for creating a healthy basement or crawl space environment. The "Healthy Basement CrawlSpace Certificate" is that standard for achieving a level of protection that all homeowners deserve.

How does water enter the basement?

Moisture, dampness, and leaks in a basement can create an unhealthy environment. We have listed six ways water can enter a basement.

  1. Through floor cracks from hydrostatic pressure.

  2. Through wall cracks & mortar joints.

  3. Through porous concrete (capillary action).

  4. Over footer from hydrostatic pressure.

  5. Under footer from hydrostatic pressure.

  6. High humidity by moisture through floor & walls.Water seeks path of least resistance. As soils surrounding the foundation restrict drainage, Hydrostatic pressure builds up on the outside of the foundation (basement wall and floor). This is typically the most common way water enters the basement. Poor soil drainage makes the problem worse, forming a “moat of water” around your house.


Solution - Healthy Basement Certificate - Level 3 

Full Perimeter GrateDrain System 

A Wet, flooded basement can be repaired by installing a GrateDrain™ Basement Drainage System. The GrateDrain is an engineered sub-floor basement drainage system used to quickly channel ground water to a collection system (GrateSump) where it can be pumped away. GrateDrain is designed so that its large punched holes on both sides collect ground water rapidly. It has many engineered fittings with access ports for the ability to maintain the system. The GrateDrain system is a closed system (sealed system). Any water, or ground humidity it collects cannot evaporate back into the home environment. The GrateDrain System comes with a life of the house transferable warranty. The Healthy Basement Certificate Level Three includes the GrateDrain System.

Level 3 includes the following;

  • GrateDrain Full Perimeter System
  • GrateDrain Corner Ports
  • GrateDrain T Ports
  • 1Ft HD FinishShield Strip
  • Flexi-Flange

Nationally Backed Warranty
Grate Products, manufacturer of the GrateDrain System, rewards customers with a Nationally Backed Warranty through the "Healthy Basement Certificate" process. Our Nationally Backed Warranty is designed to protect the homeowner. With a Healthy Basement Crawl Space Certificate, your authorized Healthy Basement Contractor and Healthy Crawl Space Contractor is covered by a National Backed Warranty from Grate Products LLC. We stand behind the HBC & HCC Contractor in safeguarding any warranty issues so that the products and services provided will continue to promote a healthy basement environment. Qualifying installations, once registered with Grate Products will be backed by our National Limited Transferable Warranty. Contact us for more information about the Healthy Basement Crawlspace Certificate.


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