Basement Water Problems

Basement Water Problems

There are many types of wet basement problems, however the most common wet basement problem is when ground water enters a basement at the floor wall joint. This problem happens when hydrostatic pressure builds up on the outside of the foundation and forces the water through the small seam around the perimeter of the basement.

This problem can be repaired by installing a sub floor basement drainage system. Grate Products’ owners developed the patented GrateDrain™ System after nearly 30 years of working in the basement waterproofing industry. Steve Andras the CEO of Grate Products searched for a drainage system that would accept ground water quickly when it needed to. The GrateDrain™ has large engineered holes that go from top to bottom of the drain. When a heavy rain storm occurs excessive ground water will easily flow into the GrateDrain™ and be directed to the GrateSump™. This GrateDrain™ System comes with a life of the house transferable warranty.

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Foundation wall cracks are another type of basement water problem. These types of leaks can be repaired with our dual process CrackShield™ crack repair. This type of wall crack repair is different from any other crack repair system because it not only seals the crack by urethane injection first and then a Keylar woven material is embedded in a strong epoxy to stabilize the foundation wall and add strength to the repair. Our CrackShield™ has a 15 year transferable warranty.

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