Crawl Spaces Can Cause Health Problems

Crawl Spaces Can Cause Health Problems

Crawl spaces can be very difficult to deal with when it comes to moisture. Many people think that because the crawl space is under the house and they never go down there that it is not part of the house. The truth is that a damp, wet crawl space can affect the health of the people living above them. Whatever is in your damp, wet crawl space is also in your home because stack effect will draw that ground moisture up into the upper levels of your home.

Grate Products recommends that dirt crawl spaces should be encapsulated with our CrawlShield liner. With CrawlShield in place dampness and moisture will be controlled and your home will be much healthier for your family.

Once your crawl space has CrawlShield installed it is important that any foundation vents be closed and sealed so that no warm moist air can come into your crawl space. You will probably need to install a high efficiency dehumidifier like the Santa Fe Advance to control any moisture within your crawl space.

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