Total Basement Finishing & Remodeling System

Basement finishing or remodeling has many benefits but the most important one is that it transforms an “adequate” basement into a livable one. 

Grate Products, LLC is a renowned basement and crawl space waterproofing products/solutions manufacturing and distribution company operating since 2006. We offer a wide range of waterproof, durable basement remodeling and finishing solutions for our customers. 

So if you are looking for a reliable basement finishing & remodeling system choose our products unequivocally and click here to locate a Grate Products™ Certified Contractor near you for a smooth remodeling transition. 

Benefits of Basement Finishing & Remodeling 

  • Increases the Value of Your House

When you have a finished basement, the value of your home increases giving you a great return on investment for your basement renovation.

  • Faster  Resell

When you have a finished basement it increases the value of your house and also makes it more appealing to homebuyers when you put it on the market. 

  • Additional Income

Building a legal suite in your basement can provide you with long-term financial gain.

  • More Space

Typically, basements are close to the same size as the main floor so by finishing it you can double the amount of livable space.

  • Options for a Growing or Aging Family

Adding more bedrooms and bathrooms in your basement can be useful for your growing family, which can be children or even parents.

  • Healthy Basement

A re-finishing project can involve updating a previously finished basement that has incurred water or moisture damage. The end result is a healthy, comfortable basement environment. 

  • Future Damage Prevention

Because basements are humid and often experience leaks or groundwater seepage, water damage is the most common issue. By using waterproof and mold- resistant basement finishing products you can not only mitigate current issues but also provide future protection 

Basement Finishing & Remodeling Solutions We Offer

We offer a wide range of waterproof and mold-resistant basement finishing products and have Grate Products™ certified contractors all over the country for services: 

  • Wall panels
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Trim products 
  • Framing
  • Drywalls
  • Vapor barriers and many more.

Why Choose Our Remodeling Solutions 

  • Industry-leading products.
  • All kinds of moisture control and mold solutions for a healthy crawlspace and basement. 
  • High-quality sump pump systems.
  • Offer other kinds of drainage systems too such as GrateDrain System, FastDrain Drainage System, GrateTrench™ Entrance Drain
  • Team of expertly trained professionals, best methods, and equipment.
  • A full warranty available for all our products with proper yearly maintenance.
  • Professional installations of CrawlShield™ in about one day!

Let us help your home basement be livable again! Call us at 844-402-3555  or visit our contact page here to request a free estimate today

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