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Nothing makes most homeowners cringe more than seeing their basement flooded, or feeling the walls and getting a damp sensation. The most typical culprit in this case is condensation, but runoffs and the swelling of groundwater are likely suspects, too.

We have a variety of solutions, from getting a dehumidifier to getting a drainage system installed in your basement. One thing is clear: when you enter your basement and it smells damp and musty, these are the warning signs that you should take action before it turns into an even bigger problem.

Waging War on the Wet Basement

Whether your basement is fully finished or it's just another place to stuff boxes of various items in, it's still a very important portion of your home and it's vital that you fight a wet basement problem as soon as you spot it. What's good is that there are many ways to fight the wet basement problem, from patching cracks in the basement walls and floors to checking for any water leaks. It's vital that you fix all the problems that you may find, because the more holes there are for water to get in, the more problems you face in the future.

Find the Leaks

An important step to drying out a wet basement is to find the sources of moisture. A very simple way of doing this is to use plastic wrap and some masking tape. Tape the plastic wrap tightly to a discolored area of foundation. If the moisture forms outside the plastic, then it means that the moisture is coming from inside the basement.

A good way to be rid of moisture is to have a dehumidifier installed in your basement. However, if the wetness is inside the plastic, check your gutters. Keep them clean and clear of any debris and don't forget to get some gutter extensions for the downspouts.

Get Concrete Sealer

There are different kinds of sealers available on the market for basement walls and floors. They provide quick and easy waterproofing and can also be decorated. You can also apply them onto damp surfaces, but any water should be removed.

Install a Polyethylene Membrane

Instead of epoxy coatings, you can also get some polyethylene membrane, which holds back water. This works well if you install a sump pump and some channels to make sure that the water is sucked up and removed from the membrane, though you need to get some professional advice to see if this method is seriously needed, before you buy enough membrane for your basement's needs.

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