Causes of Basement Leak

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Causes of Basement Leak

Causes of Basement Leak

Look at the following basement issues carefully:

  • Is there dampness or brown stains on the walls and ceiling of your basement?
  • Does your basement have an awful musty smell and/or fuzzy greenish appearance on the floor or walls?
  • Have your basement wall become chalky white?
  • Are there rust stains on the floors?
  • Are you recently finding stains or damp in the basement carpet?
  • Are there water bugs behind furniture and appliances, around corners, and along baseboards?
  • Are there darkened wood and stained or warped floorboards?
  • Did you find any cracks around your floors or walls?

If it is a yes for even any one of the above, you might be having a basement leak. And the best thing to do to get a proper and quick repair is to call a professional ASAP!

Grate Products, LLC is a renowned basement waterproofing products/solutions manufacturing and distribution company operating since 2006. We have all kinds of basement waterproofing solutions including basement leaks.

Located in MA, the company has been distributing quality basement and crawlspace drainage products and training Authorized Contractors in its state-of-the-art facility throughout the world. It has some of the most reliable industry-leading drainage products such as:

So if you have a leaky basement, Click here to locate a Grate Products™ Certified Contractor near you today! 

What Causes Basement Leakage?

Leaky plumbing

Basement leakage is a common problem that most households deal with at one time or another. Taking care of your basement is essential to ensure a healthy home and a healthy family. Below are some common causes of basement leak:


Water/ moisture is the number one cause of most problems found in the basement including basement leak.  Main sources of water from which water could be making its way into your home causing leaks in your basement are: 

Rain and water pools around the foundation

Heavy rainfall, rainfall accumulating near the foundations, flooding due to lack of proper drainage system, and more. 

Cracks in or around windows and doors

Basement leakage can occur due to small cracks and holes, or improper sealing of windows and stairwell doors.

Leaky plumbing

Leaky pipes are also very common problems and could be the source of dampness behind a wall. 

Inadequate sump pump

If the sump pump is not regularly cleaned and adequately maintained, it could fail to divert water away and will most likely leak into your basement. 

Invest in a good sump pump like the and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean it and have it running year-round.


Sometimes the source of leaks is not external water seeping through, but simply high humidity levels inside your basement. This could be due to poor ventilation of the room, living near the ocean, or simply due to warm temperatures during the summer.

Why Choose Our Products & Contractors For Basement Leaks?

  • Industry-leading drainage products.
  • High-quality sump pump systems.
  • Team of expertly trained professionals, best methods, and equipment to patch up your basements.
  • All kinds of moisture control and mold solutions for a healthy basement. 
  • A full warranty available for all our products with proper yearly maintenance.

Let us help your home avoid these unwanted situations and call us at 844-402-3555 or visit our contact page to request a free estimate today!

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