Bulkhead Floor Drain

GrateTrench™ Bulkhead Floor Drain

GrateTrench™ - Adjust to any length!


Odorless Floor Drain

GrateTrench™ has a unique valve system that opens automatically to let water in and closes when water is not present. Only two teaspoons of water is needed to open the drain valve. A closed valve system will not allow odors from stagnant water to rise and permeate the home. GrateTrench™ closed valve system also minimizes entry of harmful radon gases.

GrateTrench™ can be connected to any sub-floor drainage system or sump-liner.

GrateTrench™ Benefits

  • Ideal for bulkheads, sliding doors & exterior doorways
  • Can be used around hot water tanks & overflow water pipes
  • Easily assembled (pre-sloped) no stagnant water smells
  • Closed system - air resistant valve
  • Optional 1ft. kits are available to extend 4ft. kits to any length
  • Strong and Durable

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  • •  Pre Sloped Trench
  • •  No Stagnant Water Smells
  • •  Air Resistant Valve
  • •  Allows Water to Drain
  • •  Versatile
  • •  Adjustable Lengths
  • •  Thinner Design
  • •  Can Fit on Top of Footing

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GrateTrench Benefits


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