Perimeter Drain Systems

A perimeter drain is an indoor drain cut into the floor around the perimeter of a basement or crawl space to intercept and remove water from the building interior. 

Grate Products, LLC is a renowned basement and crawl space waterproofing products/solutions manufacturing and distribution company operating since 2006. We have all kinds of drainage system solutions including perimeter drain systems.

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How A Perimeter System Works

Perimeter drain systems, also called weeping tile systems, have been designed to attract water from within the soil that has accumulated over time. The drain itself is simply a perforated pipe with a mesh “sock” covering it (keeping soil out) that’s installed underground, circling the perimeter of your home. 

Those tiny holes allow water to enter the pipe, where it can then be drained away from your home’s foundation. As a result, water is less likely to seep into your basement’s walls.

Benefits of Perimeter System For Your Basement

  • Prevents soil erosion

A basement perimeter drainage system can prevent soil erosion. Without proper drainage, over time there will be soil displacement which can in turn cause issues with soil depth leading to your landscaping destruction.

  • Prevents standing water

Without a proper drainage system, your basement may be occupied with standing water after a water disaster. Standing water not only creates dangerous and slippery surfaces but also drowns your landscaping. Not to mention, standing water can be extremely unsightly. It also—may be worst of all—attracts undesirable insects such as mosquitoes.

  • Prevents water damage

Improper drainage can damage the foundation of your home especially the basement. When a severe storm strikes, water flows through your yard much faster. Without proper drainage, this fast-moving water can force its way through cracks in your foundation. This not only causes damage to the foundation of your house, but it also causes the added problem of water in your basement.


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