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Footing Drain

Footing Drain

A footing drain (or foundation drainage system) is a perforated pipe installed underground around the perimeter of your home to keep water out. First, a trench is dug, then the concrete footing and the concrete foundation wall are poured and cured. Next, the exterior is coated to prevent moisture intrusion. Finally, the drainage pipe is installed with drain holes facing down. 

The pipe is run to daylight, drywall, or a sump. If the home has a basement, a sump pit with an electric pump is installed, too.

One of the biggest drawbacks of footing drain is it gets clogged very easily. This occurs due to excessive soil and debris pressing against the filter fabric, thus hindering the drainage process. Water in the soil around the foundation then finds its way through the smallest crevices and openings and into the basement. 

That is why Grate Products has come up with a new, alternative, better solution to make your basement, crawlspace, and other parts of your home waterproof.

Grate Products, LLC is a renowned basement waterproofing products/solutions manufacturing and distribution company operating since 2006. We have all kinds of basement waterproofing solutions for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. Located in MA, the company has been distributing quality basement and crawlspace drainage products and training Authorized Contractors in its state-of-the-art facility throughout the world. 

So if you have a leaky basement, Click here to locate a Grate Products™ Certified Contractor near you today! 

Why is Footing Drains Ineffective?

When you have a footing drain installed, it generally drains to either a storm sewer, sump pump, or to the surface. 

Footing Drains Ineffective

Storm Sewer

Storm sewers are ineffective because they are rarely installed deep enough in the ground to make the drain leading to them tilt downwards. Also, the amount of water it can store is limited by its size. Once the storm sewer is full, where is the water going to go?


Until the drain clogs, a footing drain that discharges to the surface is a solution that can work. However, this can only work in situations where the drain does not have to run uphill, as the water will not naturally flow out of it. Therefore, unless the ground drops off around your home more than 8-9 feet, a downhill incline is not possible.

Sump Pump

A sump pump can actively pump the water out of your house. This REMOVES WATER AND reduces the need for a natural downhill incline. However, the sump pump may not work if the footing drain leading to it is clogged and filled with dirt. 

Grate Products Drainage Solutions

We have  some of the most reliable industry-leading drainage products such as:

Why Choose Our Products & Contractors For Basement Leaks?

  • Industry-leading drainage products.
  • High-quality sump pump systems.
  • Team of expertly trained professionals, best methods, and equipment to patch up your basements.
  • All kinds of moisture control and mold solutions for a healthy basement. 
  • A full warranty available for all our products with proper yearly maintenance

We only recommend groundwater control products that promote good health for your foundation and your family. Let us help your home avoid these unwanted situations and call us at 844-402-3555 or visit our contact page to request a free estimate today!

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