Nationally Backed Warranty with a protected territory

Nationally Backed Warranty, with a protected territory

Access to proprietary products, a Nationally Backed Warranty, with a protected territory are only a part of what Grate Products can offer to help grow your business and protect your customers.

Proprietary Products

Do you want the Safety and Advantages of offering proprietary products to your customer? For over a decade, Grate Products has developed a number of proprietary products for the waterproofing and structural repair industry. We hold several patents and trademarks for solutions we have created to help solve the challenges faced in today’s unhealthy basements and crawlspaces. Our line of healthy, time tested and versatile waterproofing/structural repair products where designed to be installed as a closed system. A closed system creates the healthiest environment in your customer’s basement and or crawlspace.

Nationally Backed Warranty

At Grate Products, we are serious about Healthy Basements and or Crawlspaces. At Grate Products, we offer a nationally backed warranty on all qualifying installations. What benefits does this nationally backed warranty provide? Perhaps the most important benefit is the confidence you and your customers will have in their buying decision. The warranty stays with the home and automatically transfers. Your customers can have coverage up to the life of their structure giving them the peace of mind that they will be protected for years to come. This warranty also protects your customers in times when the unfortunate and unforeseen occurs and your business is unable to perform the necessary service. As the manufacturer, we would step in and continue to protect your customer.

Protected Territory

The Protection You Need to take Your Business to the next level Grate Products contractors have the territorial flexibility they need to grow their business — but they also receive the protection they need to ensure their business is secure. We understand that relationships succeed by supporting one another and respecting one another’s bounds is best for both of us.This is why we are so proud of our motto, Choice & Control. By acquiring a protected territory from Grate Products, you can rest assured that you will be the sole voice and provider for the GrateDrain brand in your territory.

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