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One of the most important investments that you can get is crawlspace waterproofing, because without it, you can end up with a very damp crawlspace and basement. When it rains, this means that it's more likely for you to end up with flooding, mold and mildew; and insects that gravitate to water.

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But not to worry, we'll make sure that with our tips, you can achieve a waterproof, clean and safe home.

Keep It Out: Exterior Drains

When the soil is damp, or any property is near a body of water like a lake, pond or even a river, then you need to provide an exterior means of waterproofing in the crawlspace foundation. What you're looking for is a waterproofing agent that can be easily applied to the concrete, good clean gravel about the same depth as the foundation's footing and finally, and an excellent tile drainage system to wrap around the footing. Afterwards, just cover the tile with even more clean gravel before pouring topsoil.

Afterwards, you can also get a sump pump running even during a power outage if you get a backup battery. A sump pump, combined with the proper piping, will do an excellent job of directing water away from your house. If your house happens to have a septic system, make sure that the sump pump doesn't drain into the septic tank, as it degrades the system and prevents it from properly breaking down the waste.

Crawlspace Air Must be Dry

A dehumidifier will make sure that air moisture is kept to the bare minimum and will help reduce any air ventilation in the crawlspace. Moist air encourages mold growth, which we can't have happening. If you use a properly-sized polythylene vapor barrier, and attach it to the concrete with some duct sealant, it should help reduce any moisture that may find its way through concrete.

In Case of Flood

If there are more than two inches of water in your crawlspace, have the exterior footings repaired and hire a professional to remove any water, and have them check for any additional problems that may arise. Afterwards, get a sump pump as an extra precaution so that when the water seeps in, the sump pump will take care of it.

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While of course you can do these things by yourself, at times that isn't enough. If you don't have the professional knowledge, or any of the tools on hand, that can just do more trouble than good. We at Grate Products only employ professionals that deliver high-quality work, to make sure that you won't need any improvements in the near future. We have professional, yet very friendly staff who are always eager to answer questions you may have about your crawl space, and what works best for your home's comfort and safety. 

We also have different services, such as waterproofing your basement and crawl space. Additionally, we also offer moisture control services.


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