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Crawl space encapsulation, or sealing, is the treatment that building scientists recommend to turn a damp, dirty, moldy crawl space into a clean, dry space where mold can’t grow. This is important for a good indoor air quality and moisture control since up to 50% of household air can flow up from your crawl space. If you think you need crawl space encapsulation (or not sure but want to know) consult a professional to get the job done to get the best output. 

Grate Products is a pioneer manufacturer and distributor of quality crawlspace solutions. We are in the industry since 2006. We are a network of over 50 authorized & trained health-conscious contractors, who provide all kinds of crawl space solutions such as crawlspace encapsulation, vapor barrier, dehumidification, ventilation, waterproofing, and much more.  You can find our certified contractors in Alabama, Alaska, Kentucky, Louisiana, and other states of America. Grate Products™ carries only high quality, trusted products for your crawl space needs.

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Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation

Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation
  • Improved air quality in your crawl space and home
  • Creates inhospitable area for pests and wood-destroying insects
  • Allows for more comfortable living conditions
  • Avoid fungi/mold issues and structural damage
  • Greater energy efficiency in your home 

Crawlspace Encapsulation Process: CrawlShield™ Encapsulation System

To complete the process of sealing the crawl space, we install a patented crawl space encapsulation system to completely eliminate vapors and odors rising from the ground; creating a layer of protection between the dirt floor and your living space which also helps in lowering your home's heating bills while making the upper levels living spaces more comfortable.

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Crawlspace Encapsulation

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