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Foundation Issues

A strong building relies on a good foundation and how it was built. Many structures tend to fail because of poor planning and various other factors that can negatively affect it. Unstable soil conditions, extreme temperature changes and moisture are just some of the factors that can cause stress to a building’s foundation. Unfortunately, these things can and will affect a structure given enough time.

This is why it is best to employ the services of a professional foundation contractor that can evaluate a building’s condition and determine if it has already suffered from too much stress. Grate Products specializes in the assessment of all kinds of foundation issues and can give accurate advise in the repair or reinforcement of a structure’s current state.

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Factors that can Damage Your Building Foundation

Water and Moisture Content – water can accumulate in the soil, especially with backfilled soil, and create pressure along the foundation walls. This can be quite dangerous if the water is allowed to pool and collect around the building’s foundation since this can cause cracks that can compromise the structural integrity. Proper installation of gutters is needed to direct water away from filling into the backfilled soil, especially when it rains.

Temperature Changes – changes in temperature can cause the soil, water and air surrounding your foundation to expand and contract throughout the year. This is especially prevalent during the changing of the seasons where these temperature fluctuations can flex and contract the earth and cause stress to the foundation walls and cause cracks.

Soil Composition – the type of soil around your building’s foundation can affect its integrity, especially if there are different types of earth surrounding it. Uneven distribution of soil types can cause the foundation to settle unevenly and eventually crack.

Other Factors – tree roots forming near the foundation can also cause undue damage to it as they grow and push against the walls. These tree roots can also allow water to travel along it and cause instability once it reaches the foundation walls. Similarly, vibrations in the earth from nearby traffic can also cause the soil around a foundation to be disturbed; this is especially true if the building is located near a major roadway.

Maintain Your Building Foundation the Right Way

Keeping your foundation stable requires the right knowledge of how they can be properly maintained. If you think your home or your office may be suffering from foundation issues, give Grate Products a call. For more information regarding our services, please leave us a message on our contact us page. You can also give us a call at 844-402-3555.

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