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Foundation Wall Cracks

Finding cracks in your building foundation is a clear sign that it needs repair. However, simply slapping on some wet cement along the cracks isn’t enough. While quick fixes like this can temporarily reinforce a failing foundation, if the root of the problem is not addressed, it can cause more catastrophic damage in the long run. This is why hiring a professional foundation repair contractor is needed to give your damaged building foundation the proper assessment that it needs.

Grate Products has many years of experience when it comes to the total repair of structural damage caused by foundation wall cracks, bowing walls and other foundation issues. Our well-trained foundation repair experts have encountered numerous types of foundation damage situations and know exactly how to solve them. After giving your building a thorough assessment procedure, our experts can then propose the most ideal solution on how to repair your foundation.

Types of Foundation Cracks

It is important to note the type of crack that forms in your foundation walls. This is indicative of the type of damage that the structure is suffering. This will determine what kind of repair process the structure will need.

  • Vertical Cracks – this commonly appears when settled soil exerts additional pressure on the foundation and forms vertical cracks along the wall. As a result, it is possible for moisture to enter these cracks and cause significant amounts of damage.
  • Horizontal Cracks – this type of crack shows heavy soil pressure that can compromise the structural integrity of the building. This pressure is usually caused by water-saturated soil exerting itself against the wall from the outside. This can lead to the wall caving in or bowing due to the pressure. As such, it is imperative that horizontal cracks need repairing once it starts to form.
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  • Stair Step Cracks – this usually happens when either soil settlement or pressure begins to damage a concrete block foundation, cracking the mortar joints between the individual blocks. This occasionally forms a stair step pattern along the wall, indicating a need to repair the affected blocks or the subsequent foundation area.
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Don’t let your building’s foundation fall into further disrepair. Get a professional to fix it today. Grate Products has been recognized as one of the premier brands when it comes to foundation wall crack repair and can get the job done quickly and effectively. If you want to learn more about us and our various foundation repair services, please give us a call at 844-402-3555. You can also leave us an inquiry on our contact page here.

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