Basement Moisture Control

Moisture Control in the Basement and Crawl Space

Moisture problems in existing basements are quite common, but are often misunderstood and improperly treated. Gaining a complete understanding of the issue requires contacting a professional such as Grate Products. Often, basements are connected to the rest of the house through ductwork and additional openings. Basements are sometimes utilized as bedroom and living spaces. In these cases, moisture problems are not only annoying and uncomfortable, but can lead to significant health problems. Molds and mildew can develop in damp carpets and underneath wall coverings. Dealing with the moisture problems is the first step to avoiding health conditions and potential damage to your basement. Basement moisture issues can be effectively remedied when you contact a professional such as Grate Products. Do not hesitate to call us today.

Basement moisture control can be used as a means of reducing the symptoms of humidity and odor in a basement, but it is not a permanent or complete solution. In fact, if a dehumidifier is used in a basement with moisture problems, it may cause greater damage. By drying out the basement air, moisture is drawn into the basement more rapidly, causing efflorescence and spalling of concrete and further damage to interior finishes.

Low permeability vapor barrier, in conjunction with the sealed GrateDrain™ system, protects the basement wall against contributing extra moisture to the basement. Moisture can cause poor air quality, mold, mildew, fungus, odors, and damage to moisture sensitive equipment.

Basement Moisture Control

FinishShield™ is a 16mm cross-laminated vapor barrier that is fire retardant. It is the most economical vapor barrier and perfect if customers are going to install finished basement walls. Protects against moisture, mold, mildew, humidity, and potential wall leaks.

HD FinishShield™ is a 14mm, fire retardant wall vapor barrier. Recommended as a durable wall covering. It is perfect for basement walls where a customer may not finish right away, but would like the protection against moisture, mold, mildew, humidity, and potential wall leaks.

ThermalShield™ is a foil faced wall vapor barrier that has double layers of bubbles and true white poly wall vapor barrier on the back. It is the wall vapor barrier of choice for adding additional insulation reflecting indoor heat back into the basement space. Save energy and protect against moisture, mold, mildew, humidity, and potential wall leaks.

WiseAire™ Dehumidifiers helps turn your basement space into a healthy living space. The American Lung Association, American Medical Association, and the EPA recommend maintaining relative humidity level in the 30% – 50% range. Ventilation and air conditioning alone cannot provide the protection offered by a high capacity dehumidifier like the WiseAire product line provides.

CrawlShield™ will prevent crawl space moisture from rising into the home or building and the following as well:

  • Inhibits the migration of moisture and soil gas (radon).
  • Greatly reduces condensation, mold growth, and poor air quality within a home or building.
  • Crawl space can be used for storage, due to high strength of CrawlShield™.
  • CrawlShield™ gives a crawlspace a bright clean look.
  • CrawlShield™ is absolutely the best product on the market for a crawl space application.
  • Professional installations of CrawlShield™ in about one day!
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