Dehumidification Tips 101

Dehumidification Tips 101

Dehumidifying a basement takes time and effort, but is well worth every penny. There are various ways to do this, and the end goal is the same: You need to have a dry basement and crawlspace, to avoid respiratory problems because of mold, or to avoid rotting wood and water-loving insects from moving in. Leaving your basement damp is just asking for bad news, and it just raises your home's heating and air conditioning bills. 

Some things that may prove helpful are to install a dehumidifier, and to get your air leaks sealed, so that the water won't have a place to enter, as well as a sump pump to suck up any stray bits of water that may still persist. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, enabling you to control dampness and any potential damage to your belongings and home.

So, About Those Air Leaks...

Cold air can also make its way into your basement, whether it's from above or underground. The air can even come into your basement from the rooms above, and this makes your furnace work harder than it ever should. A good tactic to prevent this is to have your air leaks sealed.

Plug it Up

What may help is buying some polyurethane foam that comes in a can, and the low-expansion kind is perfect for plugging up large gaps within your basement's walls, around your plumbing pipes and even through the vents passing through any basement walls.

For smaller gaps, you'll find that some caulk is perfect, as well as some silicone. The silicone works very well with nonporous materials, like metal. But if you want to be slightly neater, some acrylic latex caulk is just the thing, and it also easily washes out with some water. Make sure you have high-temperature caulk if you'll be plugging up vent pipes that tend to run quite hot, like furnaces.

And finally, if you have an older home that includes a basement, the air may be coming from the space where the house framing meets the foundation. Having some caulk spread between foundation and the sill plate may help.

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