Santa Fe™ Compact 2

As far as crawl spaces and basements are concerned, moisture isn't only bad, it is the enemy. When moisture remains inside your crawl space, the chances of finding mold, water-loving insects, wood-hungry termites and undesirable musty smells significantly increases. One of the best things you can possibly do for yourself and your home is to purchase a dehumidifier.

Santa Fe Compact 2

If for any reason you believe that a full-sized one won't fit, then the Santa Fe Compact 2 is here for you. It's a pint-sized machine with large specs, able to dry your crawl space or basement with ease. It can remove excess moisture from even the tiniest crack. What's more, it's extremely customizable, so you can get as much control over your basement's moisture levels as you possibly can.

That’s why it is so important to control the relative humidity in these areas with a Santa Fe™ Dehumidifier.

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Tight spaces are no problem for the Santa Fe™ Compact 2 dehumidifier. Its compact size works perfect in low crawl spaces and small basements without sacrificing power and performance. Designed to fit in a variety of small spaces, the Compact2 provides multiple installation options for increased flexibility

Recommended For: Crawlspace/Basement
Model Number: 4033600
Coverage: 70 pts. per day @ 60% RH, 80° F
Water Removal: 150 CFM @ 0.0" WG
Power Supply: 115v, 5.1 Amps (9ft. long power cord)
Energy Factor: 5.0 Pints/kWh (2.4 L/kWh)
CFM Rating: 150
Noise: 63 dBa
Auto Defrost: Yes
Auto Restart: Yes
Effective Operating Range: From 49° F - 95° F (will operate as low as 41° F)
Air Filter(2): Two (9" x 11" x 1" MERV 8 AND Washable Prefilter)
Drain: 3/4 Inch Threaded NPT (8' Drain Hose Included)
Casters: Optional
Condensate Pump: Optional
Dimensions: 12" W x 12" H x 21" L
Weight: 55 lbs.
Warranty: 5 Year on Sealed System, 2 Year Parts and Labor
  • Small footprint (12"x12"x21") fits low crawl spaces, basement mechanical closets, or other small spaces
  • Sized to fit between floor joists for convenient hanging installation
  • Rotatable exhaust outlet provides for horizontal or vertical discharge
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR® efficiency requirements
  • Large capacity water removal of 70 pints/day
  • MERV-8 Filter provides superior air filtration (MERV-11 option available)
  • Engineered for low temperature operation and the air flow issues that crawl spaces present
  • Ducting options for divided spaces
  • Auto restart allows the dehumidifier to automatically restart after a power outage

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