DataPump™ – The Smarter Sump Pump System

The PeakFlow DataPump™ has all the same self testing, and configurable features as the iControl™. The main difference is that it does not have the internet features. It is AC/DC, so you’re protected during power outage. It includes the industry’s highest performing pump and proven, quality, American-made electronics.

Data Pump™ – The Smarter Sump Pump System
  • Highest capacity pump, self testing controller
  • User-friendly keypad interface (No more confusion!)
  • Completely configurable system settings


  • Performance: Highest output pumps. Top quality American made electronics.
  • Full Time Operation: System operates on both AC or DC, providing flood prevention during power outage.
  • Access: In-home keypad accessibility.
  • Notification: Connect to home security system or auto-dialer for remote alerts.
  • Adaptable: Works with existing systems. Built for expansion.
  • Simple: Easy to understand and operate interface.
  • Value: Lower price despite unrivaled superiority.
  • Confidence: Five year warranty. Decades of experience.
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  • Self testing and diagnosing controller
  • Phone and home security system notification choices
  • 43 GPM @ 10′ lift, non-corroding pump
  • 6 days of power outage run time
  • Over 15,000 gallons pumped from a single battery
  • Redundant sensor technology
  • Unbelievable industry leading 5 year warranty
  • Made in USA. Multiple patents pending

Smarter, Faster, and easily upgradable later to iControl™!

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